OK, I have two sons. I love them beyond measure. I would do anything for my boys who are both amazing young men. But as any Mom knows, when something bad or unjust happens to one of your children, you see red.

I've been seeing red and have been silent for more than 3 months. But that is changing. It's a very long story, but you might want to know the cliff notes. This all happened at my home.

My oldest son was wrongly arrested in January. He was charged with simple battery. He did not do it. And I witnessed the entire thing. His best buddies girlfriend had too much to drink and my son took her keys out of her purse to keep her from driving. She went ballistic, screaming at the top of her lungs and saying she wanted to leave. She was too drunk to drive anywhere.

She actually kicked my son in the groin and swung at him a few times. The best buddies' eye was bleeding. She had obviously done something to him. Eventually she did leave (we gave up trying to calm her down). She called her father, who promptly called us and threatened the life of the best friend.  She told her father she was being held against her will and being abused.  That simply did not happen. I was there.

There is a lot more to this story and you can hear it right here:

The charges against my son have been dismissed. But his life has been altered considerably. I hope his future with the Navy is not impacted by this entire ordeal. I can only hope police officers will truly look for the other side of every story, because in our case, our side was not told until my son spent 8 hours in jail and missed his window to go off to training with the Navy.

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