Shreveport Police union head Sgt. Michael Carter talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarthy about the tragic shooting and death of Officer Chateri Payne.

Carter, who because of the investigation's open status, tells KEEL listeners that he is limited in what details he can give, but praises both first responders and homicide investigators, saying, "They'll work day and night to get this done."

While details of the shooting (Thursday morning) remain sketchy, here is a information from an earlier KEEL story:

"The calls of the shooting came in just after 8pm Wednesday night. More than 50 Shreveport Police Units, as well as Police Chief Ben Raymond, and Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, were on the scene.

Early reports suggested that the shooting may have something to do with an armed robbery, but those were corrected quickly. The shooting took place prior to the officer starting her shift. She was in uniform during the shooting."

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