The race for Mayor of Shreveport is off and running. The candidates have been attending meetings all across town. They have participated in a couple of public forums as the campaign season kicks off.

KEEL Forum Edited

KEEL News will host a Mayoral forum featuring the top 5 contenders on Tuesday August 7th from 7am-8am. Steven Jackson, Adrian Perkins, Lee O. Savage, Jim Taliaferro and Ollie Tyler will be part of this event. You might ask why we are not hosting all 10 of the candidates. And the answer to that is simply we can not logistically have all 10 at the same time on the radio. No one would get adequate time to explain their ideas or plans. We will be very pushed to do that with the five who will be here.

Our forum is sponsored by Shreveport Security Systems.

It is our hope that we can get the other five candidates to agree on a date to come in and sit down and answer your questions. We will be reaching out to Ken Krefft, John Paul Young, Anna Marie Arpino, Jerod Rogers, and Tremicius Dixon.

We will also be hosting city council forums as we get closer to the election date on November 6th.

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