It's probably way too early to start thinking about this, but the topic is coming up in political discussions across the city.

What if Mayor Adrian Perkins wins the Senate seat? What if Joe Biden wins the Presidency and offers Perkins a job in Washington? Those are a couple of the scenarios being discussed only halfway through Perkin's term as Mayor.

He recently posted a video online saying he was headed down south to do some campaigning in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. He has a fight on his hands to try to unseat an incumbent United States Senator in a red state, but the Democrats must see something in Perkins to mount the massive push they have already started in this race.

If you get in a discussion about who should be the next mayor, several names come up. On the Republican side you have Jim Taliaferro, Lee O. Savage and Mario Chavez. Both Taliaferro and Chavez serve on the Caddo Commission. Savage is a businessman who made a run for Mayor 2 years ago.
If Perkins is out of the picture, this leaves the field wide open for the Democrats. Commissioner Steven Jackson made a run last time, and he is expected to try again. State Representative Sam Jenkins is also another high profile contender among the Democrats. Current City Council Vice Chair LeVette Fuller is also mentioned as a possible candidate for Mayor. Political lobbyist Markey Pierre is also considered a possible contender.
Former CAO and fire chief Brian Crawford is also mentioned in political circles, but he has never run for political office before.

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