Former Shreveport Mayoral candidate Jim Taliaferro has announced that he will not be making an official endorsement in the runoff between Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler, and challenger Adrian Perkins. Taliaferro made the announcement today on Facebook:

In November's Mayoral Primary race, Taliaferro finished third, behind Perkins and Tyler. His letter regarding his decision to not make an endorsement, Taliaferro said:

"I will certainly vote on December 8 for one of these candidates, and I encourage everyone to do the same. However, I’ve decided not to “endorse” either candidate because doing so would be a distraction in this race, and possibly give the impression that my endorsement is more about what’s in it for me, and not what’s best for Shreveport. We’ve already seen enough of that for 20 years now, and I’ve decided the change we seek in our city government can begin with me, right now. By not endorsing, I hope to send the message that Shreveport is open for business, but not for sale."

Which caught some attention on social media, and is being pointed at as a subtle dig at another former candidate, Lee O. Savage.

Over the last week, Savage has publicly endorsed Mayor Ollie Tyler, after he was denied a position in a possible Adrian Perkins administration. Some voters viewed that endorsement as a potential trade for a consideration for a position. Though Savage has publicly denied that allegation.

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