Former Shreveport Mayoral candidate Lee. O. Savage talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty about his endorsement of incumbent Ollie Tyler in the city's December 8 runoff.

Savage, who finished fourth in the recent general election with 14% of the vote, explains his backing of women he repeatedly referred to as corrupt, saying, "I'm a voter now. I have a choice and I have to look at my choices. I've met with Mayor Tyler and I believe in her eyes what she's trying to do." But then, the local businessman's criticism turns toward the front runner, Adrian Perkins. "I know that the corruption that we had flushed out, that we had discovered,...that is now backing Adrian Perkins. So, there's no way, in my heart, that I (vote to) put that corruption back in city hall."

Savage then identifies the people he sees at the heart of that political corruption and gives specifics of his conversation with Perkins, a talk that The Times says "Savage requested to be named the city's Chief Administrative Officer and essentially offered his endorsement in exchange for the appointment."

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