Shreveport will have a new Mayor on December 31. In the election on Saturday, Republican Tom Arceneaux beat Democratic State Senator Greg Tarver to win the seat.

Republican Tom Arceneaux got 20,800 votes or 56.41% to 16,074 votes for Tarver or 43.59%. That's a total of 36,874 total votes.

In the November primary, Arceneaux led the field of 10 candidates with 14,631 votes or 28.5% to 12,151 for Tarver (23.6%). More than 51,000 voters in Shreveport cast ballots in the Mayor's race last month.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

Turnout was extremely low on Saturday. Many predicted it might not get past 25%. This race was tightening up in the past week with some polls show Tarver with just a 3-5 point lead.

Both Mayoral candidates have been working for several months to explain to voters why they are the best choice to move the city of Shreveport forward.

Erin McCarty
Erin McCarty

What Happened in the Other Races on Ballot?

Shreveport Council District B

Gary Brooks Wins

Independent Gary Brooks 2162 59%
Democrat Mavice Hughes Thigpen 1632 41%

Shreveport Council District G

Ursula Bowman Wins

Democrat Ursula Bowman 2,653 or 55.97%

Democrat Derrick L. Henderson 2,087 or 44.03%

Shreveport Council District E
Alan Jackson Wins
Democrat Alan Jackson 2,664 52.51%
Republican "Tony" Nations 2,409 or 47.49%

Caddo School Board District 7

Barbara Smith-Iverson Wins

Democrat Barbara Smith-Iverson  1,603 or 50.78%
Democrat Darrin Dixon 1,554 or 49.22%

Caddo School Board District 12

Dottie Bell Wins
Democrat Dottie H. Bell  2.335 or 67.88%
Democrat Joy Sims 1,105 or 32.12%

All 3 Constitutional Amendments passed by wide margins.

Amendment 1

This amendment would prohibit voting for people who are not U.S. citizens.
A vote for this amendment would ban non U.S. citizens from registering to vote or casting ballots in Louisiana elections. A vote against this amendment would keep the current language which requires voters to be Louisiana citizens.
Amendment 2
This amendment requires Senate confirmation of civil service members.
A "yes" vote would require the Senate to confirm the Governor's appointments to this panel. A "no" vote would let the Governor continue naming members to the Civil Service Board without Senate approval.
Amendment 3
This amendment requires Senate confirmation of State Police Commission members.
A "yes" vote would require the Senate to confirm the Governor's appointments to this panel. A "no" vote would let the Governor continue naming members to the State Police Commission without Senate approval.

Largest Shreveport City Salaries After 2022 Pay Raises

Earlier this year, Shreveport employees received a 13% pay increase across the board. This salary information was provided by the City of Shreveport after a Public Records Request, and reflect salaries after those raises started. We will list the City Department, and Position, exactly as they are described by the City of Shreveport in the Public Records Request.

Louisiana Parishes Ranked By Salaries

Starting from the lowest, here's how Louisiana Parishes stack up when you check the data for average salaries.





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