The first pitch hasn't even been thrown, the first bucket of popcorn has yet to be spilled, but the renovations to Bossier City's Tinsley Park are already a grand slam.

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Just one look at the improvements at it's easy to see they took this one deep, deep, deep and it's outta here! Just look at the short video we see on Mayor Tommy Chandler's Facebook page and you'll quickly realize this was "swinging for the bleachers" for the youth of Bossier City.

In an article reported by, we read that the Tinsley Park Expansion Project cost nearly $13 million, but photos of the renovations show it was certainly money well spent.

Mayor Chandler posted on Facebook his obvious approval of the incredible modifications to Tinsley Park that will certainly make it a place of envy for the youth of every other North Louisiana city.

The new fields at Bossier City’s Tinsley Park Sports Complex are amazing! These will be such a blessing to local baseball and softball players and will also draw in travel teams from out-of-town. I am excited for people to come to Bossier City to see all we have to offer.  Congratulations

to Clay Bohanan and his team as well as all those who have worked so hard to make these a reality.

The Mayor's goes on to advise us that games at the new facility are scheduled to begin this coming weekend,

The new ball fields at Bossier City’s Tinsley Park Sports Complex are open and ready for play. We are so proud of this state-of-the-art facility and can’t wait for the first games next weekend.


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