Political watchdog John Settle called this election. He told us more than a week ago Adrian Perkins would lead the field. He also predicted Ollie Tyler would finish 2nd and Jim Taliaferro would be 3rd. The only thing he was not sure of was the percentages.

Perkins got 29% of the vote to 24% for Tyler and 21% voted for Taliaferro. What happens now in the Mayor's race? Perkins meets Tyler in the December 8th runoff. But Settle thinks Tyler has no chance of winning and she should step aside now and withdraw.

Settle says in the past couple of weeks the news has not been very favorable to Mayor Tyler. If you look at problems in the water department, "her hand picked supervisor was arrested. The budget she proposed is a deficit budget. She's projecting to use 60% of the reserves."  He says people finally focussed on the fact that they wanted change and he says Perkins has the best chance to beat her and bring about change.

Settle says Tyler has never really had to politic for a job. He says in 2014 she had an "easy, easy ride" into the Mayor's office". But he says she should withdraw from this race because she can not win. But he says "out of stubbornness, I don't expect her to do that."

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