A local blogger and watchdog finds himself on the wrong side of the law tonight.


Shreveport Police have arrested John Settle on a charge of prostitution. He was arrested by officer K.P. Anderson.

The City Jail website says Settle is accused of offering an 'agent money in exchange for sexual favors'.  No other details about the arrest of the former attorney have been released.

Settle, a man we have referred to as a  "muckraker" was arrested just before 5 p.m. Friday afternoon. No bond has been set for the 70-year-old Settle.

Settle attends many city government meetings and writes about the events on his own website, and for other publications. As he described in a recent article, he has been assisting Mayor Adrian Perkins' transition team:

I was not selected for any of the eight FOS Committees. Out of interest I attended 6 of the first 8 committees as an observer. And I helped the facilitators in small ways like being a “go-fer”.Thereafter I was asked to assist in the remaining 3 FOS committee meetings. So despite some accusations, Settle is not an official arm of the Perkin’s administration. But he does have a duty of loyalty, at least in his mind, to the Future of Shreveport project until it is completed. And that means there is a conflict of interest in criticizing the mayor, his actions and his staff until the release of the report.

Settle texted me just before 2pm Friday asking about the Airport Authority meeting I attended earlier in the day. He has not responded to Friday evening texts for comments about his arrest.