Political pundit John Settle talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about the latest news in the Shreveport mayor's race, including the rumors of a meeting between incumbent Ollie Tyler and her political inner circle.

Settle tells KEEL listeners that when it comes to fundraising, challenger Adrian Perkins is raking in the big bucks. "I do know," Settle says, "I've been advised, that Adrian raised over $100,000 in a three day period. $100,000 in a three day period last week!" When asked who these donors are, Settle quickly responded, "A lot of the people were Taliaferro supporters." Republican challengers Jim Taliaferro and Lee O. Savage garnered 35% of the vote in the general election earlier this month.

And Settle goes on to say that he sees little chance that those GOP voters will go for the incumbent Tyler in December's runoff. "If they voted against (Mayor) Tyler the first time, why would they would they change horses? Only if they had a major reason to do so and I don't see those reasons."

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