With the proposed $1 billion development of Shreveport's Cross Bayou area out of the spotlight (for the moment), a number of folks across the ArkLaTex are wondering aloud, could the repeated Red River flooding curtail the 10 year construction plan?

Among those taking a look at the Red's rising waters is blogger John settle, who questions the wisdom of developing that area of downtown:

"Add this to the list of issues critical to any development of Cross Bayou. Every time the Red River gets near flood stage, Cross Bayou floods.

The result is not rocket science. Water in Cross Bayou rises to higher levels. This will be a major factor in any development along the bayou.

How to plan for water levels that could increase six feet or more—maybe several times a year.

The current group wanting to develop this area hope to have the Red River Waterway to hard bank the bayou."

And Settle writes what a number around town are already wondering: Could the construction could make flooding worse in other areas of the city?

"Initially, this will reduce the water capacity of the bayou by eliminating “overflow” areas for excessive water. Thus the flood stage of the bayou will get lower.

This will also exacerbate upstream flooding from 12 Mile Bayou because of reduced water capacity. This adversely affects the MLK area.

If the Red River Waterway Commission has funds for flood control they could be better directed to efforts to reduce the flooding along the Red River. Not to facilitate a private development that will have more negative than positive consequences."

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