101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty bring listeners up to date on the latest in the Shreveport Mayor's race, including accusations of political dirty work regarding rumors - and some facts - coming out of the city's sanitation department.

Here's the background from KEEL:

"Sources suggest that the Shreveport Public Works Department could be dealing with some form or strike, or walkout. The concern centered around trash collection in the city for this week. Apparently there were large sections of the city who's trash was not collected on time this week. That coupled with rumblings from the Public Works Department suggested a potential movement with employees."

But the rumors did grow to the point that the Mayor's office released a statement:

"City Garbage collection scheduled for Tuesday of this week was not completed by the end of the day yesterday and will be collected today. Wednesday, which is not a regularly scheduled pick-up day, is traditionally a catch-up day for any outstanding residence.

All pickups are expected to be back on schedule by the end of today. Some employees called in sick and did not show up for work earlier this week, causing a shortage of trucks to be in use for Tuesday’s collection.

Public Works Management believes these actions were encouraged and politically motivated."

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