Things went south quickly at Shreveport City Hall on Tuesday when there was a skirmish just outside the council chamber near the end of the meeting.

You can see an interaction between the men in the video below. Go to the 2:12:45 mark to see Settle call time while Lee is speaking and to hear Lee tell Settle, "You can shut up."  Later, at the 2:20:06 mark you can see a man who appears to be Settle leave the room. Finally, at the 2:21:21 mark you can see Settle return to get his things while being escorted out.

KEEL News requested surveillance video from the Caddo Sheriff's Office, but we have just learned the altercation was out of range of the cameras and nothing shows up in the video. But we did talk to both parties involved, Craig Lee and John Settle and here's what we learned about what happened:

KEEL News has learned neither one of the men has been charged. But Lee tells us Settle poked him in the chest first and he has every right to defend himself. Settle has told KEEL News that he does not plan on filing charges.

This may not be the last you will hear about this story. I am sure more details will be available soon. We have learned that both men were escorted out of City Hall by deputies.


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