"The people want a change in government in Shreveport" says State Senator Greg Tarver who says he has not made a decision about who he will support in the Mayor's race.

Tarver says the residents of this city need to know more about Adrian Perkins who is in the runoff against incumbent mayor Ollie Tyler.  Tarver says Perkins needs to tell people why he didn't vote for 13 years. He says local residents need to know why he owns a home in Savannah, Georgia. Tarver is clearly not supporting Perkins, but he won't throw his support behind Mayor Tyler, either.

Tarver says Tyler is "a fine lady, she's a good lady and let me add she's an honest lady, by the way. She's done an ok job, a pretty good job but it needs to be a whole lot better than it's been run." Tarver says we know everything about Mayor Tyler, but we don't know everything we need to know about Perkins.

Tarver says he's not prepared to make an endorsement in the race, but he could in the future. The senator says "I want someone that will not surprise me. I want someone that I know something about. I wanna know about your life."

KEEL News did ask Tarver about his residency. He lives outside the city limits, but he tells us he still uses his old residence as his voting address. He tells us he owns 2 homes and one is in the city of Shreveport.

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