More opposition to the 3 bond proposals on the ballot this month in Shreveport. State Senator Greg Tarver is against all 3 measures and he is encouraging residents to vote "no" on the propositions.

Tarver says this administration can not be trusted and he can not support giving them any more money. He says giving them more money is like putting "the fox in the hen house."

Tarver adds: "When you look at his history of how he's conducted business in the city, it's been very poor and not businesslike. He's not been above board. The sunshine is not in."

The Senator was also critical of the plan to build a new police station. "We don't need to spend 20 million dollars on a new police station at all. We should take what we have and do something about that."

Here's the rest of our conversation:

Tarver says Shreveport's water system is completely messed up and "nothing is being done to fix it".  We asked Tarver what the Mayor could do to rebuild trust and he says "I don't know what he could do. He started off wrong. He has good people around him but they don't know how to run city government. That's like taking a jackass and trying to make a race horse out of it, you can't do it."

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