The political hot potato is not cooling off anytime soon.  On Monday, state Sen. Greg Tarver challenged the residency of state Rep. Barbara Norton, who is trying to unseat him. Two days later, Tarver files a similar suit against Shreveport attorney Shante Wells.

Tarver Norton

But now, Wells has withdrawn from the race. Wells claimed these tactics from Tarver were no surprise and amounted to bullying. Tarver issued this statement:

"This is the first and last time I will acknowledge or respond to Mr. Wells' immature and disrespectful behavior in regards to name calling and intentionally deceiving the people. First and foremost, I take offense to being called a bully, particularly when my whole life has been devoted to serving and helping people, especially the elderly," said Tarver in a statement released late Thursday afternoon. "Secondly, let the records show and anyone can read for themselves that neither me nor my lawyer subpoenaed Mr. Wells' 85-year-old grandmother or children. I’m terribly disappointed to the levels that he will stoop to deceive the people in an attempt to divert their attention from the real issue.

A hearing on the Norton challenge is set for this morning in Caddo District Court. Norton, though is challenging Tarver's residency saying Tarver lists 1024 Pierre as his business and residence address.

“You cannot have a business address for a residence ... at this particular time he's claiming the address he is living in is a business,” Norton said.


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