This week, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden picked his Vice Presidential running mate, US Senator Kamala Harris. When he name that choice, there were a lot of "firsts". Most notably, Harris is the first Black woman to be selected as a Vice Presidential candidate. But there were a lot of other "first time" notes to go along with it, and as far as we can tell, one of those "firsts" is here in Shreveport.

A few weeks ago, Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins announced his candidacy for US Senate, challenging incumbent Senator Bill Cassidy. Based on our research, it appears that Perkins is the first sitting Shreveport Mayor to run for US Senate. The only other National candidate we could find in the list of Shreveport Mayors was John Morgan Landrum, who was elected to Congress a decade after he served as Shreveport's Mayor in the 1840s.

Since the announcement from Perkins, he has brought in multiple high-level endorsements in the race. One of those happened to be from Senator Kamala Harris...

So as far as we can tell, this is the first time that a Vice Presidential Candidate has ever endorsed a sitting Mayor of Shreveport. Now, of course this isn't an endorsement for the Mayor's race of course, but rather for the US Senate race that Perkins has entered.

Much like when President Donald Trump visited Bossier City late last year, it doesn't really matter if you are for Perkins in his Senate bid or not, there is still historic significance to the moment. When the President visits, it matters. When a historic Vice Presidential nominee is engaged with Shreveport, even just through the Mayor, the history matters.

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