The Mayor of Shreveport wants to give all city workers more money in their pay checks Adrian Perkins is asking the city council to approve a one-time pay increase for workers of $1000 dollars for fulltime staff and $500 dollars for part-timers.

The council agenda item is considered a "one time pay raise", but many are calling it a bonus. This measure does not include this money in future pay for these workers.

This proposal comes on the heels of a recently approved pay increase for police and firefighters.

This measure is expected to be voted on at the December 18th council meeting.

Many are asking where this $1.5 million will come from to fund these bonuses and that brings up a bit of good news for our city. Council Chairman James Flurry says sales tax revenues are higher than what was budgeted and the city is also getting more than 15 million in Cares Act funding. The mayor is proposing putting at least $10 million of that into the city's dwindling reserve fund.

Perkins says the city's budget surplus for this year could be close to $17 million dollars.


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