I can only ask what would you do if a cougar started to charge at you. Watch as this man has a near deadly encounter with a cougar while hiking in Utah. At first the man came upon some small cougar cubs. But then momma cougar popped out of the woods and she was quite aggressive.

This man caught the entire 6 minutes on video as the big cat stalked him to make sure he stayed away from her babies.

Kyle Burgess remembered YouTube videos he has watched on this very subject and he tried to make himself bigger while continuing to talk in a loud voice. He also says he tried to stay calm during this horrifying encounter. It happened as he was walking in Slate Canyon, just outside of Provo, on the Saturday afternoon when he noticed the animal in front of him at some distance.

On the video you can see the cougar charging him a couple of times. The cat eventually runs off after he is able to reach to the ground to grab a rock to throw it at the cat.

The 26-year-old is ok and the mama cat is back with her babies.
Experts have this advice if you are ever attacked by a big cat:

Try to stay on your feet and protect yourself using sticks, rocks, trekking poles, or whatever you have available. Lions have successfully been driven away by prey that fights back. Use bear spray if you have it. Report all cougar sightings and attacks to your local wildlife office or public safety agency.

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