Things should be wrapping up soon in Baton Rouge as state lawmakers try to put the finishing touches on the redistricting plan.

The session officially must end Sunday at 6 p.m. Things have gotten testy as lawmakers have been split along racial and party lines on the proposal to add another majority Black Congressional district and more majority black voting legislative districts across the state.

Lawmakers are trying to redraw the district lines for Congress, legislature, BESE, state courts and more.

“” publisher Jeremy Alford tells the Louisiana Radio Network things have gotten heated several times and “they’re almost kind of baked into the process, in terms of the necessity for majority-minority districts. And, not for nothing, our politics are racially charged as well … so these exchanges were anticipated.”

What Happens Once the Maps Pass?

The House and Senate republican majorities each passed congressional maps that still have only one majority-minority district (District 2). Alford says GOP Members feel there’s more to making a second majority black district than simply wanting one. He says, from their standpoint, “it simply cannot be done in a responsible way to make sure that communities of interest are together … and incumbents are protected, and the other requirements for redistricting. But, if you talk to democrats, they’ll tell you it CAN be done and there were maps passed.” 

Baton Rouge GOP House member Barry Ivey tried to get his colleagues to make some concessions, but his plan was tabled by his Republican colleagues.

Alford says we will all be watching to see what happens after the session is a wrap. Will the Governor veto the maps? If he does, will lawmakers try to override a veto? And if there is no veto, whatever map passes will likely be challenged in court.

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