Louisiana, also known as the 'Bayou State', is the 25th most populated state in America. The southern state is bordered by Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike other states, Louisiana law is based on 'Napoleonic Code' and is one of the only states in the nation with Parishes instead of Counties (Alaska uses 'boroughs' instead of counties). Louisiana is one of the most diverse states in America featuring a multicultural blend of traditions from French, Haitian, Spanish, French Canadian, African and Native American cultures. In fact, that's cultural blend is where a lot of state's voodoo, Mardi Gras and Cajun traditions originated.

Fun Louisiana Facts:

  • Louisiana is named after King Louis XIV. It was purchased from France in 1803 as part of the Louisiana purchase and officially became a state in 1812. The original purchase price for the entire ‘Louisiana Territory’ was $15 million
  • Milk is the ‘Official’ drink of Louisiana
  • The St. Charles Streetcar Line is the oldest operating street car line in the world
  • The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is 24 miles long, making it the longest bridge over water in the world.
  • According to Voodoo practitioners, the gates to the ‘underworld’ are located in New Orleans in the French Quarter.
  • The first Opera to ever take place in the US took place in New Orleans in 1796.
  • New Orleans is known as the Jazz Capital of the world and is widely considered the birth place of Jazz.
  • The pelican almost became extinct in the ‘Pelican State’ due to pollution. It is back now due to conservation efforts.
  • The official state insect is the honey bee.
  • South Louisiana was a popular hiding spot for pirates including Jean Lafitte
Famous Louisiana Band Faces Serious Allegations
Famous Louisiana Band Faces Serious Allegations
Famous Louisiana Band Faces Serious Allegations
Serious Allegations have Been Levied against Julian Koster of Neutral Milk Hotel. Anna "Nesey" Gallons was a fan of the Elephant 6 and in the year 2000, at age 15, she came into contact with Julian through email, claiming that each exchange became more and more intimate until they began a relation ship in April of 2001.

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