Pumpkin Shine on Line is one of the most popular events in our community every fall. But it won't be happening at Betty Virginia Park this year.

The event is not totally cancelled. It is being held at Southfield School and is only open to students from that school and the parents and faculty.

pumpkin shine

Pumpkin Shine is headed for its 28th year, but because of COVID-19, it will be scaled back considerably this year.

Each year local schools compete to see who can make the most creative pumpkins every year.

These schools were the big winners in last years competition:

1st Place ($1,000): First Baptist Church School
2nd Place ($350): Eden Gardens Magnet School
3rd Place ($150): Fairfield Elementary Magnet School

The free event normally attracts hundreds of youngsters from schools all across the region. It is such a great event to spend the evening out in the park with family and friends. The park comes a glow with all of the specialty carved pumpkins. I will definitely miss this unique and wondrous annual event. I do hope it will return for it's 29th year in 2021.

It always includes great entertainment and fellowship. We will miss Pumpkin Shine on Line this year. Just another tragic casualty of the year of 2020 and COVID-19.

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