Several Shreveport Council Members have proposed alternatives to the Mayor's proposed $18 monthly fee.  But most of the members we spoke to expect a delay on a final vote.

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Salim Virji, Flickr

Councilmember John Nickelson has proposed some amendments to the Mayor's proposal. He wants to set the mandatory Solid Waste Collection Fee at thirteen dollars ($13.00) for each month of service.

If approved, the new fee would go into effect on April 1.

Nickelson tells KEEL News:

I will not vote for the fee unless the council agrees to establish a solid waste enterprise fund, which will ensure the revenue generated by the fee is used for solid waste and not for unrelated purposes. I do not expect a final vote to occur Tuesday.

Councilmember James Flurry has also proposed an amendment. He wants to set the fee at $5 a month.

The council will discuss the proposal during a 3pm work session today and it will be back up for discussion during tomorrow's regular meeting.

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