We are getting close to a final decision about the proposed "clean city fee" of 18 dollars a month Mayor Adrian Perkins is pitching.  Several council members tell KEEL News they will push for a delay.

But Councilman James Flurry says he wants to vote it "up or down". He is hosting a public meeting this evening at 6pm at Safety Town to let residents voice their opinion about the proposed fee.

The amount of money a garbage fee generates in Shreveport varies depending on the numbers you use.

Some folks have told us the city will collect money from about 65,000 homes that pay water bills. Water Department folks acknowledge they check 81,000 meters every month (but many of those are at vacant homes).  Census numbers show there are 88,000 homes that are likely connected to the city's water system.

We did a little of the math and here's what the figures look like:

For 88,000 homes here's what the fees would generate:

18 = 19 million
12 = 12.6 million
10 = 10.5 million
5 = 5.2 million

For 81,000 homes here's what the fees would generate:
18 = 17.4 million
12 = 11.6 million
10 = 9.7 million
5 = 4.8 million

For 65,000 homes here's what the fees would generate:
18 = 14 million
12 = 9.3 million
10 = 7.8 million
5 = 3.9 million

The Shreveport City Council work session is Monday at 3pm.  The Council meeting is Tuesday at 3pm.


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