Shreveport residents will see a new fee on the water bills beginning this month. You will pay $7 a month for a garbage fee. The money is going to fund pay raises for sanitation workers.


The Mayor's Communications Manager, Ben Riggs talks to us about the fee and gives details about the raises the workers will see.

Garbage truck drivers will now make just about $15 dollars an hour while the riders will now be paid just over $11 dollars an hour.

We also wanted to find out about water bills that still might be too high and what residents could do about that. Riggs tells us how the meter readers have changed the process and the bills should be more accurate.

We also talked about Shreveport's recycling plan and what will be happening with that program. Right now, residents pay $2.50 a month for recycling but far too much regular trash is being put in the recycling bin. Riggs also talks about that program and what kinds of items you should put in the blue recycling containers.

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