Lots of folks spoke out against the proposed clean city fee of $18 a month in Shreveport. But several also told the City Council they acknowledge we must do something to help the sanitation workers.

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Christopher Wilder is the Solid Waste Superintendent and he says it is tough to keep workers on the job.  In fact, he told the council if he interviews 15 or 16 folks, only 2 or 3 take the job after hearing about the hours and the pay.

Several residents questioned the Mayor about how the money would be used.  They want specifics about how we can be assured it will go to the sanitation department and not be used for other expenses.  There was also some discussion about exempting senior citizens from paying the fee and setting up a hardship process for those who can not afford it.  Other council members talked about implimenting a sliding scale based on income.

All of these ideas are expected to be addressed over the next 2 weeks before the council can take final action.

Several members tell KEEL News they want to find some sort of compromise that can be more palatable.


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