KEEL News just received this report from Shreveport Police:

At approximately 3 a.m. on December 23, 2017, officers were dispatched to a citizen complaint of a man passed out in a vehicle in the roadway at a red light in the 200 block of Lake Street. Officers arrived on scene and subsequently arrested Burdges for felony offense DWI. It appears as if this is the second time this year we have arrested Mr. Burdges for DWI. The other DWI arrest was in August. Burdges was also arrested once in 2016 for DWI and once in 2009 for DWI.


A leader in the local Mardi Gras community has been arrested for DWI by Shreveport Police. The arrest happened early Saturday morning.

34-year-old Brett Burdges was able to make his $15,000 bond and get out of the city jail shortly after his arrest.

Burdges is the Captain of Captains with NWLA Mardi Gras Association. Burdges was also arrested earlier this year on another DWI charge. The disposition of that case is not yet available. Information released this weekend indicates this is a 4th offense DWI for Burdges.

This arrest comes less than 2 weeks before we officially kick off the local Mardi Gras season with the 12th night party on January 6th at the Bossier Civic Center.



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