State Sen. Barrow Peacock talks about the legislation to curb the Governor's emergency declaration powers and the bills from the House that the Senate will now consider.

A number of bills have made their way to the Senate from the House of Representatives, each of which puts restrictions on the Governor's ability to declare an emergency, but the length of time the the declaration can remain in effect without the legislature's approval.

"Senate Bill 29...has made it through the Senate Committee, the Senate Floor, the House Committee and the House Floor," says Peacock, "Now it's back on the Senate Floor for concurrence or to go to conference. I would imagine it will go to conference today.

"That bill is the bill that really gives the legislature more review and oversight  of (the Governor's) emergency powers.

The Shreveport Senator continues, explaining how SB 29 would allow the state's chief executive to declare an emergency, but only for thirty days. "Basically a committee of the leadership of the legislature would meet, be able to call witnesses, receive testimony and have public comments. And that is very powerful tool.

"I would imagine it (SB 29) will go to conference," he reiterates, "I did vote for it when it left the Senate. I think it is the best vehicle right now, but it does need changes."


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