State Senator Barrow Peacock is optimistic about the future of the I-49 Inner City Connector, despite negative comments from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about new federal highways going through "Black and brown neighborhoods."

"I disagree with that," says Peacock, referring to the Buttigieg statement that many previous projects "reinforce racial and economic inequality, "Shreveport, Bossier is for the Inner City Connector. The African-American Chamber of Commerce if for the Inner City Connector. We need economic prosperity. You need a growing tax base, The Inner City Connector will produce (more than) $800 million in economic activity for northwest Louisiana and our state."

Secretary Buttigieg has, on numerous occasions, implied that projects like the I-49 connector are now, at best, on the feds back burner. From

"In his appearances, Buttigieg is repentant for the federal government’s role in building a federal transportation system that frequently cut through Black and brown neighborhoods in order to build freeways, often cutting off Black and brown populations from economic opportunity.

“We recognize how misguided investments and missed opportunities for federal transportation policies have reinforced racial and economic inequality,” Buttigieg told the mayors’ group, according to Roll Call. “The wrong kind of investment can divide or isolate neighborhoods.”

Those Buttigieg complaints echo those of opponents of the 3.6 mile construction.

"This will pull people into the core of Shreveport and Bossier," Peacock says, making the case for the oft-delayed plan, "And it doesn't cut off anybody from any area. Look at what's goi9ng on at Bert Kouns and I-49.You see the development there. I-49 will bring commerce to Shreveport, Bossier."


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