Over the past few months, KEEL News has done several polls in the Shreveport Mayor's race. This is an unscientific poll, but it gives you an idea how KEEL listeners are leaning.

Amanda Currier
Amanda Currier

In our latest poll from September 21st, Republican Jim Taliaferro has a strong lead with 59%, followed by fellow Republican Lee O.Savage at 30%. Among the Democrats,  Adrian Perkins leads with 4.5% followed by Steven Jackson who polled 1.5%. Incumbent Mayor Ollie Tyler has under 1% of those surveyed.

The candidates have attended more than a dozen public forums over the past several weeks and many more are on the agenda over the next few weeks.

The election is Tuesday, November 6th with the runoff set for Saturday, December 8th

There are also races for City Council seats in Shreveport. Three current members, Oliver Jenkins, Jeff Everson and Michael Corbin are termed out and those races are wide open. Only Council Chairman Jerry Bowman is unopposed and he will return to the panel for another 4 years.

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