SHREVEPORT, LA - A mold problem at Loyola College Prep has forced leaders to shut down a part of the school. Principal Johnny LeBlanc says classes at the Shreveport school were virtual Monday through Wednesday of this week, but the students have returned to the campus today.

The mold was discovered after last weeks torrential rains when some water apparently got into the building. Graham Walker is on the Board at Loyola and says his daughter has been experiencing some symptoms. He says they had mold issues at their home, but he also wanted the school checked out. Crews were called in and found some problems.

How Bad Is the Problem?

LeBlanc tells KEEL News the problem is "the most serious in the residence building and it has been closed off. We had some issues in the main building, but we have dealt with that."


There's no indication how long the mold has been a problem in the school, but it was apparently exacerbated during the storms last week as water got into the building. Tests have been conducted and LeBlanc says:

“Those test results show that issues needed to be addressed. Our priority is the safety of our students and teachers and we will not compromise on that. We engaged Putnam Restoration and SRP Environmental to assist us in this process.


He says the administration is doing everything possible to get most of the school back open and that has happened, but the Residence Hall will be closed for the rest of this school year.

He does want to make sure the students finish the school year together rather than in virtual learning. He says the classroom air conditioning units in the main building have been cleaned and sanitized and the same is being done in the classroom air conditioning units in the Residence Hall. All of the duct work in the main building also have been cleaned and sanitized.

The school is also in the process pursuing an insurance claim for the water intrusion, although the timeline and coverage are uncertain at this point.

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