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If the legalization of recreational marijuana use is an important issue in determining who you are going to vote for, there is now a new voter guide that you can check out.

The Marijuana Policy Project has now released a voter guide for the upcoming primary election on October 14th.   If this is an important issue for you, you can see where each candidate, as well as incumbent legislators, stand on a variety of cannabis issues.

Ron Wurzer/Getty Images
Ron Wurzer/Getty Images

Southeast Legislative Manager at MPP, Kevin Caldwell, says gubernatorial candidate Sharon Hewitt received an “F” grade.

“Senator Sharon Hewitt has a very negative record on voting on cannabis and has told Gambit Magazine in New Orleans that she does not support legalization,” said Caldwell.

Conversely, Mandeville Representative Richard Nelson scored much higher with an A-plus grade. Nelson has stated he supports legal possession of marijuana for individuals 21 and older. Unfortunately, in the governor's race, none of the other gubernatorial candidates filled out their questionnaires.

Elsa Olofsson via
Elsa Olofsson via

Caldwell says you can also see how other statewide officials feel about legalizing recreational marijuana.  You can also check individual scorecards for current lawmakers and the ones running for legislative seats.

“I certainly see a lot of legislators and candidates who are open to changing Louisiana’s cannabis policy doing very well so far in the polling that I’ve seen,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell says legalizing marijuana is an issue that’s important to voters and a poll by LSU earlier this year showed that 70% support legalizing cannabis for adult use.

“The people of Louisiana want cannabis policy to change and legalization to come about now it’s up to legislators to get up in line with where their constituents are,” said Caldwell.

You can check where each candidate stands by clicking HERE

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