A 17-year-old was killed this morning in Austin, Tx when a package he was opening exploded. That was the second package explosion in the city in the last ten days. A little while after today's first explosion, just 5 miles away, a second explosion was reported. That brings the total number of bombings to 3, and the death toll to 2.

Police are now reporting that they believe the three explosions are connected, and more could be eminent. They have issued a Public Safety Alert for the city.

Authorities believe these bombings could be hate crime related. Investigators say the first two killed were both African-American, which could be the reason they were targeted.

The Austin Chief of Police has been Tweeting out information and advisories to the city and it's residents about the situation. Here's one of his recent Tweets:

The Chief also Tweeted out "This type of crime will not be tolerated..."


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