A number of questions remain regarding the recent escort of Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan by on-duty Shreveport police officers. Does a second letter from City Attorney William Bradford do anything to clarify the situation?

On Dec 16, 2017 12:15 PM, Erin McCarty <Erin.McCarty@townsquaremedia.com> wrote:
Another question. Did officers escort Minister Farrakhan anywhere else while he was in town? I understand he attended a private event at a local restaurant. If so, how many officers were involved and how long were they assigned to this duty? Was it on duty or off duty and was the city paid?

Ms. McCarty,
I have verified with Chief Crump and his personnel that the information I relayed to you is accurate. SPD only provided escort service from Shreveport Regional Airport to the Hilton Hotel. If you have any documentation that shows otherwise, those actions would be a violation of Chief Crumps directive and a possible violation of the General Orders. We request that you make us aware of any such allegations and proof so that we may take the necessary steps to address any potential infraction. Again, I emphasize that Chief Crump's directive was in accordance with SPD policy and no additional escorts were authorized by him.
Warmest regards,
William Bradford
City Attorney

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