Shreveport City Councilman Jerry Bowman took to social media early Sunday to appeal for the end to the violence that has plagued the city in recent months.

Bowman, who represents District G, expressed his concern at the spate of shootings via his Facebook page:

"There's another young male shot to death!! ( in my district) I was asked to come and talk to / give comfort to some of the citizens here
This is my plea!!!"

And constituent response to Bowman's comments were blunt and varied:

"...thugs you say? They aren't thugs but if they were we would have only ourselves to blame because we produced them. They are our nephews, our sons that are helplessly lost in a world that they weren't meant to survive. It is on US (Black men) to save them."

"We need to impose curfews. Anyone 18 and younger need to be in the house at 10pm unless they're at work. If they're out just to be out, make the parents accountable."

"It will be difficult to get guns off the street in Shreveport when the rate that guns are being sold to the streets in Shreveport will always be much greater."

"What about people dying from stabbings? Positioning? Hit and run? If someone wants to kill someone, they do not need a gun. Why don't we stop blaming the guns."

"Parents wants to be their kids friends, it doesn't work that way. My Momma taught me right from wrong with the tune of a switch."

"You can call it whatever you please, but this is a direct result of babies raising babies. This got out of hand a long time ago when we first took prayer and beating their butts out of schools..."

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