After my rant this week about street lights, I have gotten so many calls, texts and emails about basic needs in our city. It seems I am not alone in making these complaints.
I've had to send multiple emails about street lights and nothing seems to get done.
Downtown Shreveport_ACurrier
Shreveport City Council Chairman Jerry Bowman is also frustrated and he expressed that in this open email to all city department heads:
Good afternoon,
It’s my hope and intention that this message gets someone’s attention soon.
We have to do better, expect better and be better than what we are.
We all have a job to do and we should do it to the best of our abilities.
The citizens of this city deserve the basic quality of life afforded to them from us.
I understand that this job that you have is challenging at most times and there aren’t many praises that come with it, but this is what you signed up for and if you aren’t here to better this city to the fullest of your control, then why are you here wasting the tax payers money , sitting here being idle, not concerned about the overall looks, perception and needs of this city.
I’m sure you see and hear the cry outs daily from all aspects of your  departments, but what are you doing to make it better?
Why are citizens CONSTANTLY calling and calling about the same things over and over?
What is so difficult about being proactive and fixing what you see and hear.
You see things that you have the control to fix, but you don’t, for whatever reason or reasons.
You know there will be complaining about an issue, but you’ll wait until the complaints start and then maybe, maybe you’ll look in to it.
We have people who won’t simply return a call to a citizen or even a council person, why?
If you are are that complacent at your job, then maybe there should be some furniture moving and cleaning, or maybe you should do every one a favor and remove yourself.
I think it’s past time for you to step up and do your job instead of waiting your time out getting a free check until you’re able to retire and drain the city even more; that’s wasted revenue and shameful. You should also look at the employees that you leading , maybe it’s time for a conversation with them as well.
If this offended you, then it  probably was directed towards you, if this didn’t offend you, maybe it should have; all others please continue to do the good job you’re doing!
Again, I saw Mayor Perkins on a commercial starting up a lawnmower, saying let’s do it together.... WHERE ARE YOU!
Councilman Jerry Bowman Jr.
Bowman tells me he hears from constituents all the time who feel like no one at city hall is listening. Maybe his letter will help.


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