Shreveport City Councilman Jerry Bowman has announced that he will not run for mayor. It was highly anticipated that Bowman would jump into the race, but according to a statement, Bowman has decided to help the city grow instead by going to work for University Health.

Here is a statement released by Councilman Bowman over the weekend:

With a deep sense of optimism about the future of the Shreveport community and with enormous anticipation about my own personal future, I make two announcements today.

          After much discussion, deliberation and prayer, I will not be a candidate for the Office of Mayor for the City of Shreveport.  It was a difficult decision, but it is a choice made easier by my decision to contribute to the economic growth and health of our community as a member of UH health team.

          As a candidate for Mayor, my effort would have been to articulate a better vision for Shreveport and our people.  It is a vision of greater economic opportunities for all our families and citizens, accessible and innovative health care and wellness for every citizen, and public safety so every child can be secure in their classrooms, playgrounds and homes. 

            This is a vision expressed and shared by the new Ochsner-LSU hospital/health care team.  Ochsner-LSU, led by local leaders and health care professionals from our area, will provide a new, innovative and competitive health care model for Northwest Louisiana.  Personally, I could not pass up the opportunity to be part of something so new, innovative and exciting for Northwest Louisiana as the UH/Ochsner/LSU health team.

             Shreveport has long needed a jolt of energy, new ideas, and competitive opportunity.  It is the way good people free themselves from stagnation, mediocrity, and acceptance.  Change offers hope when change becomes reality.  For Shreveport, Ochsner is about to become reality and change will become part of the lives of our citizens.

                The job of Mayor has an important impact on our community, but the path I have chosen offers an extraordinary opportunity to make an even bigger difference in the lives of our citizens.  It’s a different path, but it’s the path less-traveled that often makes the greater impact.


Lee O. Savage,Jim Taliaferro, Adrian Perkins, Ray Smith and John Paul Young have all announced that they will challenge Mayor Ollie Tyler for her seat. It is also expected that at least one more candidate will jump into the race shortly.

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