Seth Lugo is a Shreveport-Bossier native (I say Shreveport-Bossier because officially by MLB he's listed as a Shreveport native but played his High School ball in Bossier), a former Parkway Panther and Centenary Gent.

Oh, and he happens to be one of the best pitchers in baseball this season. With the exception of 2 starts this season, he's been virtually untouchable. His performance this year has made him a front runner to be an American League All-Star and a 'Dark Horse' candidate to win the American League Cy Young Award.

Seth Lugo Dominates Against the Guardians

When it comes to pitching in 2024, you're not going to find too many starters better than Bossier's Seth Lugo. He's leading the League in Wins (11) and he's at or near the top in Quality Starts, ERA and several other statistical categories.

And he definitely made a solid case that he should make his first All-Star roster against the red hot Cleveland Guardians. The Guardians have been one of the hottest teams in all of baseball and have the best record in the American League - topping World Series favorites like the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees.

He went 6 scoreless innings last night (June 30th) against the Guardians on the way to a Royals win - allowing only 4 hits and one walk. The dominating performance boosted his statistical dominance. It dropped his ERA to a 2.17 (which is best in MLB), gave him his 11th win (which is also best in baseball) and gave him the lead in innings pitched this year. To say he's been incredible would be an understatement.

Will Bossier's Seth Lugo Make His First All-Star Team?

The way All-Star rosters are made up for pitchers, each team gets 5 starters and 3 relievers. And right now, in the American League, it's hard to pick 5 pitchers at this point who are better than Seth Lugo. As mentioned above, he's leading the league in several major statistical categories. He's been dominant. What else could you ask for?

With that said, there's always the chance of an All-Star snub. There seems to be at least one every season. But, while others are hitting that mid-season wall, Seth is pushing through and continuing to dominate. There's an argument you can make for guys like Corbin Burnes or Tarik Skubal...but I can't think of 3 other guys that have been as consistent or good as Lugo this season.

We'll have to see how it all plays out - name recognition and popularity does play a part in all this. And, of the possible candidates, Seth Lugo is probably the least known starter as he spent most of his career coming out of the bullpen for the New York Mets.

But, in a short period of time, he's gone from undesirable to undeniable. And if he keeps pitching like he has, not only is he going to be an All-Star but there's a good chance he wins the Cy Young for being the best pitcher in the American League.

We'll find out soon enough as MLB will unveil the starters on July 3rd & the full rosters on July 7th on ESPN.

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