In case you've been living under a rock, rapper and TV/Movie producer 50 Cent is jumping into Shreveport, Louisiana with both feet. His online mantra of 'All Roads Leave to Shreveport' is more than just talk.

50 has made some big announcements lately: from his massive Humor & Harmony weekend to G-Unit Studios to a 3 phase plan for housing and helping the youth in our community. It's truly amazing what he's doing and attempting to do.

Here's the latest on what 50 Cent is up to around Shreveport.

50 Cent Buys More Property in Downtown Shreveport

According to an article from KSLA, 50 Cent has purchased several new properties all over Downtown Shreveport. According to the DDA, these new purchases total over a $2 million investment.

The locations themselves are all over the place - Texas Street, Spring Street and Commerce.

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According to his G-Unit team (via KTAL), 50 has expanded his vision into a three-phase plan to invest in Shreveport and it's community. According to the story, Phase 1 is buying and revitalizing property all over Shreveport.

Phase 1 will be about various entertainment ventures including a jump park and needed facilities like a grocery store downtown. Phase II will be about building housing for moderate income families. Phase III will be for Shreveport youth - media programs at schools, mentor programs, etc..

So will these new properties be for his 3 phase plan? Are they for something different? Only time will tell.

50 Cent's Impact on the Shreveport Economy

Whether you think Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson's plan is a good one or not, it's hard to deny his impact thus far in Shreveport. Thanks to his activities here, we've been in the national (and international) news nonstop.

His Humor & Harmony Weekend has brought in a ton of interest from 'outsiders' - so we should see a nice tourism boost there.

People are just generally excited and hopeful.

To kind of sum it up: Here's what Shreveport Chamber of Commerce President Tim Magner told KSLA - "For the perception to be changing from ‘Why Shreveport?’ to ‘Why not Shreveport?’ or to ‘Hey, there’s all this cool excitement happening downtown.’ I think it’s giving people both here locally, but around the country, another look of the city."

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