Shreveport City Council members Stephanie Lynch and Jerry Bowman exchanged a number of emails Wednesday, emails in which the pair's edgy discussion of the use of the term "the hood" at Tuesdays council session got more than a little personal.

Here's a small sample of the duos correspondence, starting with Bowman:

 Stephie, you continue to get me wrong.

I’ll continue to take care of G and you do what you do.

Have a safe trip back to  Baton Rouge.
And an edited Lynch response:
Jerry, I really don’t know anyone who has gotten you wrong. When a person shows you who they are, believe them.

Everybody pretty much knows who you are, what you are, and whose you are. I feel sorry that you have to carry that burden and confusion daily.
Back to Bowman:
                      Trust that I’ve learned from you, a whole lot, i.e
                      pathological is compulsive, habitual or extreme in a way that is not                                  normal, like the way you attend the meetings, or not.
And one more from Ms. Lynch
If I was a do nothing person, prostituting myself for favors and a job, nobody would have anything to say about me, and I’d be just like you.
To hear the original Lynch / Bowman exchange at Tuesday's Shreveport City Council meeting, JUST CLICK HERE!

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