An interesting back and forth took place at Tuesday afternoon's Shreveport City Council meeting, an exchange that had little to to directly with the problem of crime the council members were discussing.

Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch, in referring to references of crime spreading to the city's South Highlands, Highland and Broadmoor areas, said, "I've always lived in the hood...I've never lived in those types of neighborhoods."

At that point, Councilman Jerry Bowman, also African-American, appeared agitated by Lynch's use of the word, "hood", saying that the word has negative connotations and shouldn't be used to describe a particular part of the city. Said Bowman, "You are what you say you are and you're from where you say you're from."

Robert and Erin's discussion of the "H-word" begins at the 2:43:49 mark of the video.

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