Shreveport Bossier has been in an NFL feud for decades. Just ask any of the folks at the local tv stations. If they have to choose to show the Dallas Cowboys over the New Orleans Saints, the phone lines blow up. The same happens in reverse. Cowboys fans go crazy if the Blue Stars are bumped for the Saints game.

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But this feud drives me crazy.

Let me be very clear. I love both teams. But when it comes to the Thursday night game, I am a Saints fan through and through. The New Orleans Saints are LOUISIANA's team. The Dallas Cowboys are in Texas!

I know this will make Cowboys fans very angry and I get it. Dallas is only 3 hours away from Shreveport Bossier while New Orleans is about 6 hours away. That really doesn't matter to me.

Louisiana is one of the smallest states with an NFL franchise. Our state has a major stake in the team. Louisiana taxpayers subsidize the Saints with millions of dollars unlike any other team in the nation. We give $6 million dollars in direct funding to the team. We also lease office space from the Benson's in New Orleans as part of the agreement with the Saints. Our state has often been on the list of communities in jeopardy of losing our NFL franchise. If there is ever a time to support the team, this is it.

Don't get me wrong, you can still be a Cowboys fan and hope they win on Thursday night, but if you love Louisiana, you really should be a Saints fan this week. Let the hate messages begin!

You can listen to the game Thursday night with the pregame show beginning at 6:20 on KEEL.

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