United States Senator John Kennedy talks with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright about the recent House of Representatives' impeachment hearings attempting to gather evidence against President Donald Trump.

"Most Americans are looking at this," says Kennedy, "and I think most of them can see...that the proceedings are rigged." The Senator notes that during the recent hearings House Republicans were not allowed to call any witnesses of their own and cross examination of witnesses against the President was tightly controlled.

Kennedy also cites numerous Democrat guarantees of damning evidence that have either fallen short or failed to materialize.

Louisiana's junior Senator previews a House vote to impeach ("I'll think they'll do it.") and the ensuing Senate trial, which he says will turn out bad for Democrats. "We'll be fair to everybody," Kennedy says, "The President will be allowed to call his witnesses. I predict that one of the witnesses called will be Hunter Biden. The American people are entitles to know what Mr. Biden did for the money."

Biden, son of former VP and Democrat Presidential hopeful Joe Biden, is embroiled in controversy related to a board of directors job he held with a Ukrainian energy company and whether his getting the position was a political favor.

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