In an interview Wednesday morning on Shreveport's KEEL radio, United States Senator John Kennedy, never one to mince words, said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, "Needs to go to bed, she's drunk."

The always frank Kennedy was explaining why he thinks that a second stimulus package won't be passed anytime soon and blames the Speaker for cramming the House version of the proposal  with far left legislation.

"Her bill is not really about Coronavirus," Kennedy says, "It's got all kinds of spending and policy-porn in it. She wants to rewrite the election laws. She wants to let prisoners go. She wants to rewrite the immigration laws. It has nothing to do with the Coronavirus and it's not going to pass the United States Senate.

Kennedy adds that he thinks there is a bill on the Senate side that could pass, but Dem leaders Chuck Schumer and Pelosi, "won't release their troops."

"What Speaker Pelosi is doing," Kennedy continues, referring to the Speaker's unwillingness to negotiate, "What I said the other day and I didn't mean any disrespect - but I can't believe that's her position and if it is her position, she needs to go to bed, she's drunk! She knows (her bill) isn't going to pass."


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