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This may seem like a weird question, but over the weekend I got a second text message from the United States Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. What gives?

Here's the deal. I'm not trying to start a political debate here, but I thought it was awful weird to get a text from Pelosi out of the blue... Especially considering I'm not a registered Democrat. In fact, I'm an Independent because both sides of the aisle tend to tick me off. So why am I getting these messages asking to help fund the Dems? I guess when you're the feds, you can do whatever you want, right? Including messaging people who aren't on your 'roll book.'

Of course, the message gives me the opportunity to opt-out of further messaging, but I kind of want to see what else might be coming down the pike next. Here's what the message said:

It's Nancy Pelosi. I'm in disbelief.

Donald Trump has officially hired campaign staff and made his first big move to run for President.

I need a swift and POWERFUL response -- 560 gifts before midnight -- to stop this one-term President from EVER setting foot in our White House again.


I need you to understand what just happened.

-- Trump threatened to run for if Republicans flip the House.

-- Republicans only need to unseat FIVE Democrats to do it.

-- Trump's so confident in their chances, he just made his FIRST major campaign hires.

Let me be clear: Trump is relying on Republicans taking our Majority to launch his Presidential campaign.

I need your help to ensure he never gets the chance.

I need 560 gifts before midnight to protect every last inch of our Majority and shut down Trump and Republicans' plans to regain power.

I can't overstate how grateful I'd be for your immediate $14 righ now.

Thank you,


Now I know that telemarketers are the bane of most people's existence, including my own. That's why I signed up for the national 'Do Not Call' registry. From my understanding, that means the only people that can market to you via your phone are if they're doing research. That's why you get all of those 'research' calls around election time.

You know, that 'Do Not Call' registry gives you the chance to report unwanted calls. If you wanted to report the call for me, the message came from (833) 536-0926.

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