It was only a matter of time until the blame game started on all of the IRS scandal drama. Who is the blame going to now? George W. Bush. Obviously, it is all on him because he has not been in office since the election in '08.

"Has anybody mentioned that the director who left, and therefore we have now an acting director, was a Bush appointee," said Pelosi. "And that Miller is a career - he’s a career.  So these are not Obama appointees. But it happened on their watch.  I mean, the IRS -- those are three scary initials to most people."

Rush Limbaugh says he doesn't believe this incident will cause Obama supporters to rethink their decision.

"So, folks, we are not gonna have the satisfaction of people turning on Obama," Limbaugh said. "People who voted for him are not gonna say, 'Gosh, you guys are right.'  It's not gonna happen. I don't think the point here is to nail Obama. He's done, this is it. This is liberalism, folks."

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