Things haven't been good at the IRS lately since discoveries were made of the IRS spending scandals, targeting scandals, leaking private tax info, wacky videos, using Government credit cards for porn, and sending tax refunds to 23,994 unauthorized aliens at the same address.

During the House Ways and Means Committee hearings, Rep. Paul Ryan is very vocal and adamant about trying to get to the bottom of what Dem. McDermott says is not a conspiracy. Here are the three most vocal Paul Ryan videos addressing the IRS Scandals.

  • 1

    Paul Ryan to IRS - You Work For the Taxpayer

    Paul Ryan addressed new IRS head Daniel Werfel during a meeting of the House Ways & Means Committee and told him, “Great. So it sounds like you don’t need a budget increase.”

  • 2

    IRS Hearings - Paul Ryan Nails It

    Rep. Paul Ryan gets back at Mr. McDermott in IRS hearing after he said the Republicans are looking for a conspiracy where there isn't one.

  • 3

    Paul Ryan Lays it on IRS Commissioner Steven Miller at House Hearing

    Rep. Paul Ryan tells acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller how it is during testimony at the House Ways and Means Committee hearing.

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