IRS Scandal

Rep. Issa Subpoenas Treasury for IRS Documents
Rep. Issa and other Republicans have finally become agitated by attempts to label the IRS scandal a "phony scandal" by the White House, and the Treasury Department has been subpoenaed for documents pertaining to the IRS targeting scandal.
Paul Ryan Remains Top Voice in IRS Scandals
Things haven't been good at the IRS lately since discoveries were made of the IRS spending scandals, targeting scandals, leaking private tax info, wacky videos, using Government credit cards for porn, and sending tax refunds to 23,994 unauthorized aliens at the same address...
Has the IRS Used Government Credit Cards for Pornography and Wine?
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A new government watchdog report has found even more inappropriate behavior by employees of the IRS. The report claims that government credit cards were used to purchase online pornography and 28 bottles of wine at the 2010 luncheon for tax officials from o…

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