Fox News talked with Jonah Goldberg, syndicated columnist and author about the IRS spending scandals, targeting scandals, leaking private tax info, wacky videos and more.

Fox News: "Almost $50 million in American's tax payer money spent for conferences in two years? "

Jonah Goldberg: "It's IRS agents gone wild, and the funny thing about all the panic at the IRS is the fact that the Inspector General says the IRS can't find the reciepts for some of it's own expenses."

Fox News: "Two whistleblowers in the Cincinnati, Ohio IRS office have come forward and told Congressional lawyers they were not the ones doing the targeting, it was officials in Washington who directed Tea Party reviews. This not only contradicts Lois Lerner, it contradicts the sworn testimony of Douglas Schulman and Steve Miller. The two testified under oath while they had to tell the truth while their two bosses were not in the room."

Jonah Goldberg: "A real investigation is needed where everyone must answer all the questions asked to get to the bottom of all of this, rather than the White House version of 'we know all we need to know, let's move forward, let's talk about how to fix this problem.' We don't know yet what happened or who ordered this. We do know the story from Lois Lerner and her associates was not true and that's why she pled the fifth."

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